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Pacific Life: Day One

Where others saw risk, founders found opportunity. Schreiber and Howell had the connections to make such a venture happen and the will to make it successful, though they didn't necessarily have the funds to get it off the ground.


What Growing Pains?

By 1905, Pacific Mutual was eight times larger than it had been in 1880, with $61 million of life insurance in force as well as agencies in 40 states and territories.

A Wild and Dangerous Country

Policyholders needed protection from hazards beyond those that were life-threatening. Their health and well-being were also important.

Elizur Wright: The Father of Life Insurance

Pacific Life was fortunate to list the fiery Elizur Wright as its personal actuary on the annual report of 1872.

Our President the Horse Breeder

Leland Stanford was appointed the first president of Pacific Life, and his standing in the community gave credibility to the new venture.

How to Save a University from Closing

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Policy Number 1, ceremoniously presented to Leland Stanford on May 9, 1868, was destined for its own place in the history books.

The Formula for Success: Two Men and One Big Idea

By the time Schreiber & Howell's first contract ended with Pacific Mutual in 1874, the company had expanded east — all the way to New York.

An Actuary and His Big Brass Machine

This big brass machine was a seven days' wonder at the time, and it could accomplish astonishing feats when manipulated by Mr. Kennedy's skillful hands, performing the four arithmetical operations with great precision.

Around the World in the 19th Century

Opening an agency on foreign soil proved to be more difficult than imagined, including travel just to get there.

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