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  • Pacific Life is well known for its superior customer service
  • This story showcases Tina Martinez, a prime example of the standard customer service provided to policyholders

Tina Martinez, a customer service representative at Pacific Life. Pacific Life
Tina Martinez, a customer service representative at Pacific Life.
Pacific Life

Calling a customer service line is usually a game of chance. Will there be a human on the other end, or a robot? Will it be a person who has no interest in providing help? Will it be someone happy to help but without the necessary knowledge?

People calling Pacific Life don’t have to cross their fingers and hope for the best. When customers call, they get people like Tina Martinez.

For years, Pacific Life has been known for its superior training, resulting in service that goes beyond the expected. A policyholder’s recent experience with Martinez, who works in the Life Insurance Division, shows just how valuable that service can be.

When the policyholder called with a few brief questions about his premium payments, she talked him through the charges as expected, but then she went on to explain how those would decrease once his Waiver of Charges Rider dropped off in 2018. Curious about this rider, he asked her to tell him more.

The rider is a benefit that allows disabled policyholders to waive premium payments during their disability. It turned out the caller had been disabled for years and had no idea he could waive his monthly charges.

Martinez immediately helped him start the paperwork and then helped him update his beneficiary information to include his youngest children.

By being proactive and asking the right questions, Martinez helped save the policyholder money and made sure his entire family was covered. It’s consistent experiences like these that win

In October of 2017, J.D. Power released its 2017 U.S. Life Insurance Study.  Pacific Life ranked #3 on the list (up from #4 the previous year), out of 25 award-eligible insurance companies.

The study notes “improved economic conditions, favorable pricing and better customer engagement” as key factors that have driven customer satisfaction to a record high, industry-wide.

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